HTH Biofilter:

Cayuga Aqua Ventures LLC (Ithaca, NY) invented and tested a water conditioning device for intensive aquaculture systems known as the HTE-Biofilterâ„¢.

The fundamental capability of any RAS is the water conditioning and treatment methodology selected for use. HTH generally designs the RAS to include a proprietary floating microbead filter developed by the engineering staff of HTH. We refer to this biofilter as the HTH BiofilterTM. Floating bead biofilters are based upon publicly available information and research data, but HTH has developed and incorporated proprietary design and water management features that makes the HTH BiofilterTM unique and which provide significant initial and life cycle economic benefit to the operator. All floating microbead filters have the following advantages (as described by Greiner and Timmons 1998 ) in comparison to other filter technology: * low hydraulic head requirements to operate, e.g. approximately 1.5 m of lift above the height of the fish column water (or less). * very low operating cost due to the use of low-head pumps as allowed by Feature #1 * low impact of loss of media from the reactor, as compared to fluidized sand beds. Floating microbeads, no larger than 4 mm in diameter, are readily available and are very low cost, e.g. $2.00 per cubic foot delivered.